Nicki is a given name, and might refer to:

In film and television:

  • Nicki Aycox (born 1975), American actress best known for her roles as Syl on the series Dark Angel and Stella Vessey on the dramedy Ed
  • Nicki Chapman (born 1967), English television presenter who additionally works in the British pop music industry
  • Nicki Clyne (born 1983), Canadian actress
  • Nicki Hunter, stage name of an American pornographic actress and director
  • Nicki Paull, Australian actress

In other fields:

  • Nicki (singer), stage name of German pop singer Doris Andrea Hrda (born 1966)
  • Nicki French (born 1964), English singer and dancer
  • Nicki Minaj (born 1982), Trinidadian rapper, singer and songwriter
  • Nicki Sørensen (born 1975), Danish male professional road bicycle racer