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There's something about the Midwest, that makes it fertile breeding ground for the type of artist that identifies themselves as a singer / songwriter. Maybe it's the quiet corners of “Any-town, U.S.A.” where the gambit of human emotions are played out in everyday life, far away from the glitz and the glam of the idolized, silicone, cult known as the modern celebrity. The earnest lives of John and Jane Q. Public lend an endless supply of songwriting fodder for these gifted observers to notice, and then translate in a palatable manner for us to digest in light of our own hopes, fears, insecurities, and shortcomings.

Cleveland, Ohio's Nick Zuber is certainly capable of being counted amongst the best of the modern Midwestern singer / songwriters. Born and raised on the east side of Cleveland, in the tiny suburb of Painesville, Nick Zuber was granted a front row seat to a intimate education of the interactions between people, and the extraordinary occurrences that happen to ordinary folks. At the tender age of eighteen, Nick Zuber first picked up a guitar and started composing songs shortly afterwards. Once he graduated from high school, Zuber attended Lakeland Community College for a year studying Graphic Design, but left to make his musical calling a career. Zuber recorded his first full length album when he was only twenty years old. An impressive effort for a young man barely out of his teens. Zuber's music is full of thought provoking lyrics, and wonderful melodic surprises. Musically, one can find Nick Zuber somewhere between Dave Matthews and John Mayer. The Folky, Acoustic Rock of Nick Zuber's music is dynamic, and has a great field of diversity sure to please wide variety of tastes.

Since leaving college, to pursue music full time, Nick Zuber has had the opportunity to work with many major label recording artist including Eric Church, Blessid Union of Soul, Rooney, Matt White, Zee Avi, and Ryan Star. Nick Zuber was also give the opportunity to tour with EPIC Records recording artist Howie Day in 2009 and 2011. Nick Zuber has also been covered extensively by many different media outlets through the Cleveland area. He was interviewed and gave performances for WJW FOX 8 Morning Show and WKYC's Live on Lakeside television broadcasts. Nick Zuber and his band was also a featured artist on The Rock Office video podcast and blog, and Bad Racket recording studio's internet series. Zuber's music has been played on STAR 97.1 FM as well as WRUM 91.1. Zuber has also been the subject of articles in the Cleveland Scene and Voice magazines.

Nick Zuber has been touring and recording steadily now for almost a decade. For being a young man, Zuber is already a seasoned veteran of the recording studio and road. After having toured throughout most of the United States and releasing a handful of albums including 2008's “Harvest,” 2009's “Out on a Limb,” 2010's “Heart and Fist,” and “Piper” in 2012, Nick Zuber is getting ready to debut his latest album “Sketches in Magnacolor” later in 2013. “Sketched in Magnacolor” is poised to set Zuber as one of the foremost singer/ songwriters throughout midwest and beyond.
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