Newday is an annual Christian youth festival organised by the Newfrontiers family of churches. Established after August 2004, the event is aimed at young people between the ages of 12 to 19, either Christian or non-Christian.


Newday's stated vision is to bring God into the lives of young people through social action. This includes performing voluntary community work throughout the festival period, worshipping God through music, preachers and prayers.

Past events


The first Newday event in 2004 was held at Newark showground, Lincolnshire. At the first event 3500 youths attended. This event was interrupted by torrential rainfall flooding the camp site causing a large number of young people to be evacuated into nearby schools and leisure centres.


In 2005, the launch of Newday and three evening meetings were held at Notts County Stadium, Nottingham. Over 5000 youths attended.


In 2006, Newday was relocated Uttoxeter Racecourse, Staffordshire. Almost 6000 youths attended. Matt Redman didn't lead worship but Phatfish continued for a third year running this time joined by South African female singer Siyoli Lusaseni and Evan Rogers, who had previously led worship at Together On A Mission, the annual Newfrontiers leadership conference.


In 2007, Newday was once again at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire with social action and outreach in Derby. The event took place between 2 and 7 August and over 6000 youths attended.


In 2008, Newday was again at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. The event took place between 2 and 7 August and approximately 7000 youths attended. During the event 315 people converted to Christianity and £112,000 was raised. This year, Matt Redman didn't appear but instead Lou Fellingham (lead singer of Phatfish), took over the role of leading worship alongside Simon Brading and Paul Oakley.


In 2009, Newday moved to Norfolk Showground, Norwich and was held between 1 and 6 August. Approximately 7000 people attended the 2009 event. At Newday 2009, 361 Christians committed their lives to Jesus for the first time. Paul Oakley retired from worship leading in 2008, with Simon Brading and Lou Fellingham continuing the worship leading this year. Jordan Dillon joined Simon Brading on the main stage leading worship. On the Tuesday night, Matt Redman joined Lou and Phatfish for a celebratory night of worship and songs. This was his first appearance after 2007 and fourth overall at the Newday festival.


Newday 2010 was held at Norfolk Showground again, although a week later than the previous year due to the preceding Scouting Jamboree which took place at the showground, meaning it ran from 11 to 16 August.


Newday was once again held at the Norfolk showground, from 1–6 August, with delegates leaving on 7th.


Newday this year was pushed back to 13–18 August due to the London 2012 Olympics. Gigs this year were discontinued in favour of the Lime Lounge which features upcoming talent. Becoming the longest-running site for the event, Norfolk Showground was the host of Newday 2012.


In 2013, Newday took place 29 July - 4 August. 2,000 young people served Norfolk and surrounding towns with voluntary social action.


Newday took place 28 July - 2 August, at Norfolk Showground for the sixth year running. Social action projects focused on asking a one question survey to towns and villages across Norfolk as part of the Who Cares? initiative. Over 700 people made first time commitments or re-commitments to God and a record-breaking £140,000 was raised in the offering to be used in Zimbabwe and in additional places around the world.


Newday 2015 took place 3–8 August at Norfolk Showground.

2016 & 2017

Newday has a contract with Norfolk Showground to continue there until 2017.


This is life CD cover produced at Newday 2008

During the festival, a live album is often recorded. These are released annually, the first was titled Newday 2004 (2004) released after the first festival, with You Reign (2005), Shout From The Roof (2006), Let The Rain Come (2007), This Is Life (2008), No Shout Too Loud (2009) and King Of Nations (2010)and We Are Yours (2011) following in subsequent years.

  • Newday 2004 (2004) Featuring Simon Brading, Matt Redman and Phatfish, Paul Oakley with guest tracks from yFriday and Phatfish concerts.
  • You Reign (2005) Featuring Simon Brading, Matt Redman and Phatfish and Paul Oakley.
  • Shout From The Roof (2006) Featuring Simon Brading, Siyoli Lusaseni, Evan Rogers and Phatfish and Paul Oakley.
  • Let The Rain Come (2007) Featuring Simon Brading, Matt Redman and Phatfish and Paul Oakley.
  • This Is Life (2008) Featuring Simon Brading, Lou Fellingham and Phatfish, Paul Oakley with guest tracks from yFriday and Tree63 concerts.
  • No Shout Too Loud (2009) Featuring Simon Brading, Lou Fellingham and Phatfish and Matt Redman.
  • King Of Nations (2010) Featuring Lou Fellingham, Phatfish, Matt Redman, Jules Burt and Jordan Dillon.
  • We Are Yours (2011) Featuring Simon Brading, Jules Burt and Jordan Dillon
  • Newday Live 2012 (2012) Featuring Simon Brading, Jules Burt and Jordan Dillan.
  • Newday Live 2013 (2013) Featuring Simon Brading, Jules Burt and Zac Guy.
  • Newday Live 2014 (2014) Featuring Simon Brading, Jules Burt, Jordan Dillon, Matt Redman, Sam Cox and Sarah Benton.
  • Newday Live Worship 2015 (2015) Featuring Simon Brading & Sam Cox


Newday offers a variety of different entertainment for its youth.

There have been several cafés or bars, open daily from 1:30pm til 6pm, and after the main meeting:

  • The Global Cafe (with Christian merchandise, odd-flavoured milkshakes and Fairtrade products.)(Retired)
  • The Pink Bar (female café and salon)
  • Café Edge (watch upcoming Christian bands) (Retired)
  • Café Froth (quieter place to chill)
  • The Gents (new from 2008, with PS3 and phone chargers)
  • The Rhythm Factory (new for 2009, creative music and dance venue)
  • Retro (new for 2010, time warped cafe with sundaes, waffles, sports and drive in movies)
  • The Lime Lounge (New for 2012, Musical acts of upcoming talents)(renamed The Lounge for 2016)
  • The Cow Shed (New for 2014, the milkshake venue)

Other activities include:

  • Skatepark
  • Remote Control Cars (Retired)
  • Busking Area & Open Mic Area
  • Football tournaments
  • Dodgeball tournaments
  • The Goldfish Bowl (Retired)
  • Creative Arts Zone
  • Bookshop and Merchandise
  • Sports
  • Newday Radio 87.7FM (2012)
  • Bumper cars (Special in 2009, 2013 & 2014)
  • Ice Rink (Special in 2011)
  • NewdayEye (Special in 2012)
  • Bucking Bronco (Special in 2014)
  • Nerf Gun Arena
  • Waltzers (2015)