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Ernesto "Neto" Lee Rivas is a resident of Mount Vernon, Washington[4]  He is a fan of Scarface and the San Francisco 49ers[25]

Mount Vernon Police Shooting

On December 15, 2016, a Mount Vernon Police Department officer was shot and wounded in a standoff with a gunman, who was identified on social media as Neto Rivas [4]  in Mount Vernon, Washington. The unidentified officer was airlifted to Skagit Valley Hospital in critical condition. [5] He was later released from the hospital in stable condition. [5]


Neto opened fire and shot the officer in the head in front of his residence on North LaVenture Road and East Fir Street. Neto left the officer for dead and headed quickly inside to his house. The police quickly arrived thereafter due to a call from a person who was grazed by a bullet shot by Neto. the police quickly responded. As they secured the area, they were responded with gunshots coming from inside of Neto's house. [10]


The police then evacuated the neighbors, and nearby offices, including Skagit Valley College[20]



 Moments later, SWAT arrived. Neto also began shooting at them too in an effort to barricade himself from within his household. A stand off took place, which has lasted since 5:30 p.m. [10] Hostage negotiators arrived at the scene and it appeared that Neto is a well-known aggressor within the community. He also has a history with the police as a "Violent offender". [11]


The negotiators who arrived have assessed the situation and have deemed that authorities don't know what led to the officer being shot upon by Neto. By 11 p.m., they revealed to the press that the people initially thought to be hostages are now persons of interest. [20]


Dozens of gunshots were documented coming from the barricaded home. Police responded with tear gas and flash bangs as retaliation. [18]


Wounded Police Officer

 Reports from Skagit Valley Hospital and WSP PIO have released information that he has come out of surgery from his gunshot wound. [11] Prior to being taken away, it was said that the 30 year-old veteran and well-known to amongst his fellow police officers was conscious and could speak to the medics. [20]


In Custody

After a long negotiation with Neto that lasted hours along with a supplied exchange of gunshots in between, authorities in the area worked together to secure the perimeter and finally initiate contact with Neto. He has been taken into custody along with 2 other men. [20]


Summary on Facebook [19]

His "About" section summary on Facebook is:

"Dont like to play gamez, No matter how good or bad alwayz tell the Truth. 2 all u man made punx bitches running ur mommadora about me, FUKK WUT U THINX, theres NO BUNX BED$ IN A CA$KET PENDEJO$.


Also on his Facebook, Rivas posted, "I love u all pero I'm gonna die tonight. Fukk the police." [4]

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