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Nathan Storey is a folk/rock singer and songwriter from Charlotte, NC who has been a performer and songwriter for over a decade. While performing, touring and involving himself in numerous projects during this time, Nathan has developed a sound where “he puts lush emotion and sincerity into each note making any listener sit up and take notice…his melodies and chord changes become hook laden delights,” as described by John Fonvielle, The Beat Magazine
Storey began playing guitar at the tender age of 9. “I remember being mesmerized by it,” he says, “I had a friend who had one and she let me play it every once in a while.” After taking guitar and voice lessons for a number a years as a teenager, Storey began exploring different musical genres. “I was always a straight rock and roll guy,” Storey remembers. “I heard bands like Coldplay and Radiohead for the first time though and thought I wanna do something like this!” Storey is also deeply influenced by folk. “I grew up listening to my parents’ Peter, Paul and Mary and Simon and Garfunkel records.” he reminisces.
Over the past decade Storey has had the privilege of performing his original music with multiple bands and acts. His versatility can be seen in the venues he has played which range from intimate coffee shops, to clubs, to festivals like Raleigh's Hopscotch and SPARKcon festivals.
In 2010, Storey wrote and recorded an EP with a folk group from Wilmington, NC called Bella Vita. Regarding Storey’s parts on the EP, Brian Tucker of the Wilmington Star News said, “Storey’s lead vocals really weight and cement the album’s tone. They are warm and charismatic, and he never asserts himself too much in an attempt to win the listener over. He doesn’t have to…” John Fonvielle of The Beat Magazine had this to say: “What really makes all of these songs tick is Storey’s voice. He could be singing death metal and make it sound pretty…”
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