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In terms Of I Hope You Dance The Group was Originally formed out of the blue between me (Dandre Grosvenor) and my Friends Robert Muller and Joe Villanueva. In a pizzeria in Dobbs Ferry is where we wrote our first song (Joke) as a 3 man acoustic group out of the blue. From that day people stood on the side walk and listened to us and asked if we were a band and with the answer yes I Hope You Dance was born.

It originally started off as me alone making beats on Garageband and recording over themwith a rockband mike (Ex. Under Skies of Grey ep and the 2010 ep a Blizzard At Dusk) but Joe brought guitar to the table and Rob brought his trumpet which gave the music a new unique vibe that wasn't computer generated but heart generated. Also around this time came the appearance pf Ken Takahashi as our metal riff killing guitar player creating a unique four man balance. From this point through networking I met Cris Leiva and Henry Van Vuuren who checked out the Garageband recordings on myspace felt the vibe we were looking for and the dream we were chasing which they also shared and joined in as our Bassist(Henry) and Drummer(Cris). On 4/28/2011 at 4:22pm we added the true final addition to our band/family the talented Nick Cerbone a sick guitarist with talent that was unparallel to any guitarist we ever heard of in our area. The Band was set. Lights camera action showtime.

Or so we thought....Due to a lot of external problems and changes such as college, and people moving a lot of member changes had to happen placing the band on a current permanent hiatus. But however during that time I was given the oppurunity to do vocals for Eternal Rest at their first show opening for Spies Like Us at Sounds Asylum. It was after that show that I was finalized as vocalist and My City Of Embers was born after a few changes.

We only hope you feel the music, understand the message, and possibly walk away with a life lesson you will cherish until the end of your time.

My City Of Embers is in short unique. The lyrics in each song flow together from beginning to end telling a story and teaching one of the many life lessons we have learned through the people that surround us in our individual unique worlds. We produce a unique sound backed by deep lyrics that invoke deep internal emotions in the minds and hearts of people who listen to our music and grasp the concept behind the story hidden within the lyrics and music itself. What makes this all powerful is the unique brotherhood we have formed with each that fuel the power and drive behind the sound. The band consist of Ex-members of Eternal Rest and the Ex-vocalist of I Hope You Dance Dandre Grosvenor
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