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Can an edgy hard-rock band resolve the paradox of its decidedly aggressive presentation and its message of balance, spiritual healing and unity? You bet!—presenting Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based rockers My Amends. This dynamic, high-energy group is made up of five very creative, distinctive and talented individuals that form a solid seamless whole in their own original fashion. Pushing the boundaries of Post-Punk-Grunge-Hardcore, My Amends is undeniable and unforgettable both live and on disc and this becomes immediately and abundantly clear when listening to their Ingenious Records full-length debut CD release, Acceptions. Selected as an iTunes “New & Noteworthy Rock Album of the Week,” included on AOL’s “Listening Party,” chosen as Melodic.net’s “Artist of the Week,” and having “Slaves” (a single from the CD) selected as one of five featured tracks on the UK’s Zippo Encore site, Acceptions is already proving to be an extremely successful debut.
“My Amends makes no amends for their hard-driving, intensely-emotional sound and brutally honest lyrics.”—Beth
Feinstein-Bartl, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Formed in 2008 after working together individually in several different bands during the previous several years, My Amends
has been performing nation-wide for, and appreciated world-wide by, enthusiastic audiences that can’t seem to get enough
of these gutsy rockers. Their music has also been featured on ESPN and WWE Action Figures Web campaigns. Performing with other notable bands such as Every Time I Die, The Sleeping, Poison the Well, Vanna, and Strait Line Stitch, among others, they’ve been building a solid, exuberant fan base everywhere they appear as they continue to hone their already well
developed sound. This is definitely a group for the here and now and one to watch for in the future.
“My Amends are primed to make an immediate impact on the scene with their intense and gritty debut, Acceptions.”—
Rather than an introspective approach, My Amends use their music as a cathartic creative outlet and take their inner emotions
and project them outward in a relentless assertiveness. Coming primarily from working/middle-class backgrounds, they
sometimes use their music to exorcise their own demons while alternately celebrating the simple freedoms of unabashed
self-expression. As primary songwriter and lead vocalist Justin Dailey has suggested, “It’s about looking inside for strength,
doing what you love and staying true to yourself, no matter what the odds.” This is true not only of Dailey’s bold vocals and
lyrics, but of the sizzling and original guitars of Matt Ruffini and Devin Estep (also on background vocals), the driving locked-in bass of Danny Wyler, and the explosive yet fluid drums of Joey Calero. Not for the feint-of-heart, this is a band that makes powerful, compelling, emotional musical declarations with little regret and their own unique sense of style.
“My Amends came out of nowhere and knocked me off my feet . . .”—Alisha Kirby, likeZEBRA.com
Acceptions is a formidable musical statement that at times expresses the band’s collective angst while at the same time
implicitly reflects their desire to keep up the continuing fight for non-conformity. Their CD is intense to say the least—their live show is a revelation. [+]
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