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MÖRDWÖLF came to being in January 2011, when lead singer/guitarist Karl Von Heilman III joined forces with drummer Rocco Semeraro and bassist Vinny Padula. The intent: to materialize Karl’s vision of true, stripped down Rock music executed with intensity, conviction, and heavy style.

KARL, the leader and principal songwriter of MÖRDWÖLF, is a veteran of the music trade, having performed nationally/internationally for over 10 years as an axe man in various bands including The Dogs Divine, Blasé Debris, The Erotics, Selfish Needy Creatures, and nationally acclaimed Aerosmith Tribute act Toys in the Attic (of which Karl is still a member). He has toured as a part of the Warped Tour in 2008 with Blasé Debris, as well as opened up for countless nationals, including Sevendust and Godsmack with Selfish Needy Creatures. Karl’s diverse education in hard rock has seen him excel in punk riffing, classic rock flavor, and the dark arts of metal. It is with this background that Karl brings the words and melody of MÖRDWÖLF to life.

Rocky Semeraro and Vinny Padula are brothers from the all brother alt-metal band BISHOP (which includes oldest brother Tom Semeraro), and have a similarly storied musical career spanning 2 decades. 1999 had them performing at the infamous Woodstock Festival, and since that time they have toured across the country and opened for countless national acts with BISHOP, including Anthrax, Saliva, Disturbed, and many others. The two have almost exclusively played together for nearly 19 years, and this experience with each other has created a rhythm section tightness that can make Portland cement blush. Rocky and Vinny also come to the table with an impressive Rock repertoire, having recorded, and produced three albums with BISHOP. Their focus on tightness and groove in their bass-drum relationship is that special ingredient that makes the MÖRDWÖLF sound undeniable.

Being an axe man for years with different bands left a creative desire inside of Karl in need of fulfillment. A true songwriter, Karl had albums worth of material waiting to be realized in a full band setting at the time of Mordwolfs inception. A chance meeting with Rocky Semeraro during his time in Selfish Needy Creatures (Rocky was filling in drumming duties for some SNC shows) brought the two together (and Vinny too – during a boat show on the Hudson river…ask them about it at a show near you!), and eventually, MÖRDWÖLF was formed. Karl brought the music and the words, and Rocky and Vinny brought the beef that would bring the beast to life.

With the release of MÖRDWÖLF's first EP, “Release the Beast” one can hear influences of rock, metal, and punk. The band recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced the EP themselves, and are currently self distributing digitally as well as “on the ground – brick and mortar” through their online store.

MÖRDWÖLF is currently booking upcoming tour dates and will be coming to a town near you – be sure to come out and support your local beast! [+]
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