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I was born on April 9th 1986 in Hopkinsville KY. As a child I had always wanted to be a business man, drummer, rapper, singer, and big time producer that produces the best music. And I am on the road to do just that. I am a studio drummer and hip hop and pop artist, I like to call myself a motivational artist. I am 28 years old, going to WKU for business/ Physicians Assistant, and minoring in broadcasting.
My biggest influences are T.I, Ludacris, Eminem, Lupe Fiesco, Jay-Z and many more. I chose to listen to there music because they tell it like it is and keep it straight. They don’t bring the streets into their music, they give motivational aspects on life.
I chose my stage as B-Real because I only tell about my life and not what people are see on TV or haven’t experienced themselves. As a child, I was always shy and nervous until put on the spot. I am still kind of shy but once I get the crowds energy going I feel more confident and motivated to do better.
I am married with my biological son and step daughter. My son is 5 and step daughter from my late girlfriend is 10 now. They are everything and the reason why I make my career choices. Family is a major part of my career because it keeps me grounded and leveled. My kids think I am a mean dad, I just want the best for them and teaching them to work their butts off and never except anything from anyone. I would say as a parent I am strict but look at the world now, could you blame me :-)
The relationship with my parents isn’t the way I would like it to be because of our history wasn’t so great. I felt alone and on my own for a while although my parents where their, but I seen them fight more than love and respect each other. They divorced in 2008 and my family grew further apart from that point on. We still talk to each other but on occasion. I don’t really have close family members because I am forever running and working all the time. But I love everyone in my family and friends of my family. But I still keep my distance for my own sanity lol. In this time, I am trying to find sources and jobs in the music industry because its not like it use to be when I was a kid. Im still use to the old ways of music and performing, now they throw music together like they throw cars together. Then feel like they’ve made a mistake. I don’t have a record besides loving super fast and luxury cars. I always and still have a huge dream of making a lot of money and helping a LOT of people/ kids. I have a soft spot for children in hospitals with cancer and in neglecting families. [+]
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