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Mitote Records

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San Antonio, TX – Where some see darkness, music mystics bring light. Somewhere within the indigenous blood that still flows through the Xicano trio Pop Pistol is a shamanistic connection to all realms of nature, space, time, animals, the divine, and magic. A combination of cosmic intuition and intentions to shape culture, the music of Pop Pistol envelops the passenger in a dream-scape of spirits and mass; this is teleportation through sound.
Creating original rock influenced by spacey bands from Pink Floyd to Muse and finding inspiration these days from Warpaint and Bat For Lashes, Pop Pistol is a three-piece that comes from San Antonio. Rich with a music legacy that is unknown even to locals, national recognition of San Antonio’s indie rock community is lagging. Compelled to change this, Pop Pistol and friends initiated a modern music coalition, bringing the city’s artists together in DIY solidarity. This is the essence of leadership the young men believe in.
The band began releasing recordings in 2006. Propelled by the arrival of their first full-length album ‘Angelus’ in late 2008, Pop Pistol steadily rose in visibility at home following up with the release of two more EPs; Shadow (2009) and Disappearing Edges (2011). This year’s work has landed the guys on the cover of IngiteSA and labeled them Best Indie Rock Band in an annual readers poll from the San Antonio Current. The band has received noteworthy invitations to share the stage with various international artists, from La Vida Boheme, Sol Pereyra, and Zuzuka Poderosa, to Filter, Dev, and Minus the Bear.
Perhaps their greatest accomplishment comes with the release of ‘Animal Prisms’ in October 2012. ‘Animal Prisms’ was engineered and produced 100% by the band alone with vinyl mastering credit to Grammy nominated Bob Catlin. The album intertwines lyrics and artwork with themes of instinct-chase, catch, and release. From start to finish, ‘Animal Prisms’ has an ambience that resembles a tribal exorcism; purging what haunts you, providing a room for it to breathe in. Pop Pistol presents ‘Animal Prisms’ through their own imprint label, Mitote Records.
“Pop Pistol may be the most nationally qualified band in Saytown right now. Their music is expertly derivative of rock old and new, but it’s also defiantly moody, unclassifiable, and still uncannily accessible. At their Disappearing Edges EP release party April 1, the group was already achieving synergy with the crowd on opener “Skyscrape the World.” It’s obvious this band is in one of those musically rare moments of brimming creativity. See. Them. Now.”
Adam Coronado, San Antonio Current
“Their unique blend of ultra delayed-atmospheric dream pop penetrates past fast food rock sensibility and resonates with progressive indie-minded youth as well as with dark side rooted rockers from the past. Pop Pistol is smart, musical, and clearly looking forward.”
JJ Lopez, KRTU 91.7 FM, San Antonio,
“The modern computer-calculated rhythms Gonzalez pounds out on a real live drum kit give Scheel’s guitar theatrics an ass-shaking appeal that counteracts the tendency toward glass-eyed space-jam swaying. In this light, the sense of classic-rock grandeur Scheel invokes with extended solos, extensive effects pedal-mashing, and agile feedback-surfing maintains a futuristic glow, and bassist George Garza finds the right groove to meld man and machine.”
Jeremy Martin, San Antonio Current
“Atmospheric rockers Pop Pistol have a work ethic that would frighten a tractor.”
Jim Beal, San Antonio Express News
“…arguably the hottest indie band to come out of the Alamo City since Girl In A Coma.”
Austin Vida
“…Pop Pistol who brings a very interesting blend of indie rock steeped in electronic roots. Progressive broken beat drums couple with an ethereal rhythm section of synths and samples and haunting vocal delivery for a complex, multi-dimensional sound.”
Study Breaks Magazine [+]
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