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Fish Fisher – “Mountain Music from the Rust-belt.”

Fish Fisher is an Outlaw-Folk & Country music songwriter from the Ohio-Michigan line. He regularly plays his special blend of extensive original music traveling his custom made “Rust-belt to Coal-belt” tour hitting the same 9 states over & over again. All his shows are authentic, fun & unique.

Fish has co-written with over 35 other songwriters from 16 states and in all genres. He equally enjoys writing alone or collaborating with any talented writers from any style of music.

Fish’s signature sound is always rootsy and down-home, but genre-hopping is his specialty. Call his style what you want. He’s been labeled with plenty of good ones in the press; Alt-Country, PsychedliGrass, Acoustic-Sludge, Ghettobilly, Unplugged-Rock, Roots-Pop, Rowdy-Folk, Yeehaw-Blues, Traditional, Hill-Hop, etc. All of these are actually a little correct too.

If you like sincere and inventive songwriting, you’ll like Fish Fisher’s stuff. He says he likes to intertwine lyrics and melodies “Like two snakes making out”.

Fish is an infamously infatuated with American southern Appalachia's entire history and geography. He's an avid solo backcountry hiker and a frequent down south traveler, wanderer & nature lover. He lives up north but he knows the hidden hills of the coal belt better than most mountain dwellers. Many songs have been inspired by the people, situations and places he’s been inspired by during his travels.
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