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Pittsburgh: a city of steel, a city of bridges. Just as bridges close gaps, so too does Memphis Hill bridge the bluesy sound of classic bands such as The Stones and Led Zeppelin with the modern rock stylings of musicians like Alabama Shakes and the Black Keys. And even as bridges connect various locations, uniting diverse areas in the course of one journey, so too has Memphis Hill brought together musicians and friends from cities all over the country, including Rochester, St. Louis, Chicago, and of course Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to the Steelers and large sandwiches.
The seed of inspiration which would grow into the band appeared in the dorms of CMU, when three freshmen, Collin Cherubim, Alex Holloway, and Austin Marcus began jamming together, soon recruiting the vocal talents of Elle Allen to form their band. Collin’s brother Vic soon made the pilgrimage from their native Rochester to wield his meanest guitar with the band, and after the departure of Austin, Mac Inglis, another Rochesterian, brought his talents in sound, songwriting, and rhythm guitar to the table. After the show which comprises the material of the most recent album, Live at the Wilkins Block Party, Elle left the band to pursue acrobatics and world travel, and the band recruited local performance powerhouse Lucy Clabby as their new lead singer, as well as bringing on board the saxophone skills of Logan Randolph. The band continues to write new songs, rock shows, and redefine their soulful, bluesy, and sometimes psychedelic sound, a sound which brings new life to the fabled, “Pittsburgh Sound” that the great bard Wiz Khalifa once spoke of. [+]
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