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“In this light my spirit suddenly saw through all,”
Böehme wrote in his opus “Aurora” (1612) “and
suddenly in that light my will was set on by a
mighty impulse, to describe the being of God.”
Folio Weekly can say freely without
hyperbole, hesitancy nor the gentle nudging of
direct bribery that Memphibians’ latest release,
“How to be Followed Alone” shines with a spectral
descendent of that same, ineffable light" - Dan Brown (Folio Weekly)

"The two most notable things from their performance are that they're loud as hell, conjuring up a big, big sound, and the second is that Memphibians' music is deeply weird and damaged; any time they start to veer towards Arcade Fire-style anthems, they take a drastic left turn into climes unknown, the kind of place where Half Japanese and Pastels keep summer homes. Good stuff." - Matthew Moyer (INK 19)

"Their clanging riffs, endearingly harsh vocals, xylophone and French horn hooks and rock-solid drumming got the punks in the crowd dancing and bouncing off each other....Grand arty/grungy fun." - B. Schultz (Here Comes The Dumptruck)

"The most improved band of the year...maybe ever!" - Jack Diablo (EU Monthly)

"Memphibians' sound is difficult to classify, as it avoids the affected distance of a lot of indie rock, while also deftly sidestepping meatheadisms that too many young guitar bands fall victim too.....It’s heady and confused, in all the best ways." - Matthew Moyer (Movement Magazine) [+]
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