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I am a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. I grew up in Wyoming, went to school in California, lived in Oregon, and then moved to Nashville. I have traveled the country by car, tour bus, plane, and even private jet. I have spent many nights on the beach enjoying the salty air, been swallowed by the silence of the forest, and been blown away by the wind on the plains. I have lived in my car, stayed with strangers, and fully immersed myself in as much culture as I can. I get to play the piano for some amazing people, dive into an incredible community, live an unbelievable story with an extraordinary lady, and take in all the adventures life can throw at me. All of this is underscored by the ocean of grace that I find myself consistently and hopelessly drowning in. My heart is to provide a soundtrack to the adventures of grace. There is a God, and He is calling you to run. So run... with reckless abandon to the One who spoke the universe into existence and the one who wrote your crazy story before you were born. I'm excited to join you in your adventure... [+]
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