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Matt Kalinski (born 1968) is US theoretical physicist who discovered Trojan wave packets, sqeezed, coherent and intrinsically coordinate-entangled states of electrons in true atoms [1][2][3] solving the long standing problem of interstellar rocket propulsion by extending the positron or positronium lifetime and control the arbitrary slowdown of the recombination process of antimatter in positronic rocket engine[4]​ .


Kalinski earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Rochester. The broad applications of his discovery of coherent non-dispersing electrons and electron pairs in atoms, polar molecules and heterodyne two-electron Rydberg atoms are important and not limited to photonic superconductivity, laser centrifugal isotope separation of Deuterium, theory of cold nuclear fusion in Palladium, detection of ultra-weak magnetic fields with Aharonov–Bohm effect, direct observation of Berry Phase in single atoms, arbitrary quantum state preparation with the technique of chirped quantum painting, observation of Unruh-Davies effect as well as for the detection of possible gravitoelectromagnetic force and twisted corrections to Einstein equations and precise engineering of complex quantum dot systems.


While studying Trojan states he also discovered full exact quantum revival and stroboscopic eternal existence of Trojan wave packets and any quantum state of Hydrogen without any fields implying total revival of arbitrary quantum system after sufficiently long time (sometimes billions of years and even ages of universe) if only the fundamental spectral frequency exists.


Kalinski's research interests focus in theoretical atomic molecular and optical physics and theoretical condensed matter physics. His early 90-ties PhD theoretical predictions of positron confinement in antiproton and rotating electromagnetic field using Hartree method applied to space coordinate of non-separable system was just recently confirmed in experiments in University of Virginia, Rice University and Vienna University of Technology and till now only with normal matter because of high costs of antimatter production.


His original PhD work induced hundreds of publications of other authors in the topic of electron confinement and Trojans wave packet.



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  • M. Kalinski, Quantum localization in circularly polarized electromagnetic field in ultra-strong field limit, Optics Express, 8, 112-117 (2001).
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