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[13] Mark Humes (born 29 April 1974) is a disabled U.S. Army veteran, digital abstract artist, broadcaster and author. [12]  [11]


He was the owner of former Paladin Radio Wpal-DB[3] and also on-air personality DJ guilewolf.[1] After receiving the news that mental and physical injuries received during his military services limited his job choices, United States veteran Mark Humes embarked on a whole new path.


In 2005 Humes founded a live-streamed radio station called Paladin Radio Wpal-DB [3] . Humes (in a joint effort with the CAMMO-Centre for Military Music Opportunity), partnered with Mission one voice to give airplays to military artists and also use music to heal. Humes called Paladin a soldier of light.


Humes later observed that words alone were not enough for the raw expression of his thoughts and feelings so he turned to producing works of arts that convey his emotion. Mark Humes is the founder of Mark Humes Gallery [2] in Kenosha,wisconsin 

Humes is also the author of the books Mindscapes published Feb 19, 2016 [4]  Mindscapes: Volume 2  published in March 2 ,2016.[5]


His art has earned accolades from The Huffington Post​ (September 2017). [18]



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2016The Book Of Lost Verses:Book 1978-1530599400
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List of Major Artworks

  • (2016) Cthulhu [6]   Featured on the book cover of  Mindscapes
  • (2016) Eidola [7]  Featured on the book cover of Mindscapes Volume 2
  • (2016 ) Feed The Hole[8]  Featured on the book cover of The Book Of Lost Verses: Book 1
  • (2016) Caged Eye Oppression[9] Featured on the book cover of The Book Of Lost Verses:Book 2
  • (2016) Childhood Vendettas [10] Featured on the book cover of The Book Of Lost Verses:Book 3
  • (2016) Cinco De Ocho Featured on the book cover of Creating The Lost Verses: An Adult Coloring Book
  • (2016) Own Your Heritage Featured on the book cover of The Book Of Lost Verses:Book 4
  • (2017)  Naomi Woods 1 Of 4 Featured on the book cover of Codex Venerorum Abstracta
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