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Marcel Portilla is a gifted Singer/Songwriter, as well as band leader and extraordinary musician, born in Cali Colombia South America he began singing in public when he was 16 years of age. Marcel comes from a long lineage of musicians in his family starting with his grandmother an opera singer was once offered a recording contract with a major record label but declined the offer and opted to stay close to home and perform at churches and more intimate local gatherings instead, saying that “she just sang for the joy it gave her and others”. His grandfather a trumpeter played with his band and toured the entire county most of his life. But it must have been his uncle, “a professional musician” who passed along the gift of singer songwriter to Marcel with he himself possessing this gift his entire life. In his immediate family his sister is also an aspiring singer who has now begun performing in schools and private gatherings. But it was his father Gerardo who was one of his first and foremost influential mentors in his musical life.

At a very early age he introduced Marcel to a deep and diverse range of music and culture from his home land as well as from around the world. Marcel was a child with the love for music and at a very early age, his father would spend hours with him in their music room filled with Gerardo’s vast collections of rare and vintage disc. His father seated next to him Marcel and he listened to recording after recording as his father would explain facts and particulars about the life of the artist, information about the recordings and essentials about the songs themselves. A few of his early influences included such greats as Fania’s Hector Lavoe, Gran Combo, Cheo Feliciano and Celia Cruz. It was there that his passion for music ignited and began growing in stages until it reached the fiery obsession he maintains today. By the time he was 16, he began singing in churches and by High School he had begun writing poetry and experimenting with verse and lyric. 1996, found him in the Untied States where he finished High School and leant his voice to the choir at Hudson College in Jersey City, NJ. There he wrote his first complete song in 2004, which he titled “SONG TO GOD”, the song which was originally written in English he later translated into Spanish.

Then in 2005 he began to work with a vocal coach to further develop his already rich and commanding voice. This in turn led to the production of several musical ideas which culminated in an endeavor christened “Lo que me haces sentir” which included 7 of his originals songs, two of which were in English.
Since that time Marcel has been engaged in the production of his newer material in which he employs an engaging fusion of sultry Latin rhythms merged with, modern pop tones, gut bucket r&b riffs along with quaking rock arrangements. Steeped in his deep rooted origins’ of “Colombian melodies and tunings, Marcel sounds like he’s on the right track.”

One of Marcel impetus to persist in his music is the passion to bring a positive message through his writing and songs; His passion to write come from his own experiences and stories as well as the friends and acquaintances he grew up with. He feels a deep urgency and need to impact this world with love, peace, and bring together the simple things that make of this life such an amazing journey.

Marcel’s vision has always been to bring a group of musician together who will share his love, passion and zeal for his quality of standard for the music. He imagined a band full of energy and with the desire to give a great message to people though every song that is play. It seems he has found it in

Marcel Portilla Band

Hailing from Colombia, South America and the US, Marcel Portilla Band play a New Latin/tropical/Pop/Rock/Blues/reggae Fusion like you have never heard before. With a blend of timeless classic covers both Dance and Club (Juanes, Carlos Vives, Carlos Santana,Mana,Celia Cruz,Joe Cuba,guayacan,sonora carruseles,Pete Rodriguez,Ediie Palmierie,Prince Royce and more), with Originals like “Amor Electronico” and “Amarte a Ti” The Band serves up a “must-see” show with energy and finesse.

When all eight pieces of this groove making machinery get cooking you will … just…… feel good!
Get ready to feel good now!
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