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Maksym Viktorovych Shkil (born August 19, 1983, Lviv) — is an Ukrainian entrepreneur, Philanthropist​. Co-founder of LLC «First Logistic Company», founder of «Audi​ Center Odessa Yug», founder of Maksym Shkil'sMaksym Shkil wiki, Maksym Shkil bio, Maksym Shkil net worth, Maksym Shkil nationality, Maksym Shkil ethnicity charitable foundation «Razom do maybutnyogo».[1]


Maksym Shkil has three diplomas of higher education:
2005  - National University «Lviv Polytechnic​» , major «Applied Linguistics».
2008 - Ivan Franko Lviv University​, major «Jurisprudence».
2010  - National University «Lviv Polytechnic​», major «Enterprise economics».

In 2012 obtained a degree of Ph.D in Law.


In 2001, he started his сareer as Sales Representative at the mineral water company. Later on he was promoted and appointed as Territory Manager, later – Sales Director.

In 2007 founded a group of companies, which included enterprises for the extraction, processing and sale of granite, production and laying of asphalt concrete.

In 2016 founded «Audi​ Center Odessa Yug» which is the only official dealer of Audi AG in the Southern Ukraine.[2]


Married. Brings up 2 daughters.


Maksym is fond of sports (Boxing​, Tennis​, Billiards​).


In February 2012, he founded Maksym Shkil Charitable Foundation «Razom do maybutnyogo».[3]

Its main purpose is the revival of spiritual values and the solution of social problems.

Areas of activity: social ("The child of the country" project), intellectual ("Smart generation" project), sports ("Healthy nation" project) and ecological (project "EcoSvit").

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