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Niyala Carmalique Hedge also known as LOVEE, formerly known as O'lver and Niyala Lark (born March 8, 1995) is an African American rapper who is a lyrical poetess, singer, songwriter, actress and rising star from Cleveland Ohio. The soulful music she express, is as divinely inspired as the movements of her body when she dances. Lovee came into prominence by battle rapping, and then she started to do music on her own at the age of 10. She lived in Cleveland Ohio until the age of 18 years old, where she attended High School at New Tech West and at Cuyahoga Community College through High Tech Academy which was a program for high school students to attend regular college classes with other college students. However, Lovee realized that her talent in acting, dance and music were her true calling. While deciding to write poetry, she expressed herself through her music and started performing at ceremonies, graduations, churches, and schools. However, not shortly after turning 18, Lovee relocated to live with her father in Virginia Beach to further her musical journey. Lovee describes her own music as fun and youthful while at the same time signifying deep meaning. “SOUL” is about stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun. She never chooses songs that she can’t relate to in some way, shape, or form. Her music will always reflect who she is. Through her music, she is sending positive vibes to others who create out of love. Lovee, also known as Luva Luva, spends much time in the state of pure light. She sends her warmest regards to all those who support the awakening. You can be a performer and not be an artist, but she is a true artist. She has spent time studying and researching everything she could about the music industry and becoming an artist. She is not only honing her songwriting skills, but she is also developing my total package including her image and her stage presence. This isn’t just a dream of hers, this is a goal that she is determined to achieve and she won’t give up.” Lovee takes and applies all the advice she receives from the Heavy Hitters and Legends of the music industry professionals she works with and who serve as mentors to her. In addition to Lovee ’s influences include the Queens of HIPHOP; MC Lyte , Queen Latifah, and Lil Kim and Lauryn Hill. She wants to change her Youth by inspiring that you can be in the spotlight while maintaining a sense of decency and wholesomeness. LOVEE [+]
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