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Born in the convict provinces of Australia, Lord J sailed to America to soak up the new world. During his six months at sea, he began writing material for the Lord Classic show.

Fueled on New York's relentless vibration, he aquainted Lady Moss at a charity event for underprivileged children. Her ladyship, a former member of the Hungarian royal court and a champion of the downtrodden, was soon to show she was much more than just a pretty anarchist...filing in for a sick foot soldier, she played drums like a white banshee in an Antoinette dress.

Impressed, his Eminence Cardinal Mabes, hoster of orgies, confidante of the king, and prolific violinist, asked her Ladyship to perform at a party he was hosting the following week. Famous for saying "There's room enough for all of us," Cardinal Mabes had used his influence over the king to secure a forgotten Brooklyn summer house, Classic Manor. Fenley, as it's come to be known, was a neglected mansion of 30 plus rooms, a stable and a once manicured garden overgrown. The party lasted four days and by the time it was done, it was decided that Lord J and Lady Moss were to move in.

Trawling the late night pianola bars, Lord J, Cardinal Mabes, and Lady Moss discovered Admiral Mountain spinning eclectic pianola scrolls in a sea village honky tonk. An ex-general of Napoleon's army, he'd learnt to play bass in various military outfits. After a late night incident involving a shotgun and a chandelier, Admiral Mountain had been exiled to America. Versed in pantomime and vaudeville routines, he made a fair, but hardly decent wage spinning piano scrolls and entertaining the local revelers in the late nite boozer. It took a lot of gin and persuasion before Admiral came around to the idea of joining the trio. Like a retired master of old, Mountain had sworn "never again" would he play. But once the four belted out a few lines of rock...questions dissolved.

Solidified and unified, the four began rehearsals for what has become the fabled...Lord Classic Show.

Lord Classic was recently featured in "Classic Rock Magazine" as one of 16 New Bands to Blow Your Mind and were one of the top five finalists at the 2012 Brooklyn's Battle of the Bands. The band will be releasing their debut vinyl this summer. [+]
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