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Based in Denver, Colorado, LoadStoneD is Chris Shoults (rhythm guitar, vocals), “Animal” Dave Sandusky (drums), Dan “Doctor Bass” Baker (bass), and—a new face—Boulder School of Rock’s own Chris “Shep” Shepherd (lead/insane guitar). With the 2014 addition of the talented production team of Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop of The Spot Studios in Lakewood, Colorado, and some edgy musical choices, LSD is rocking harder and sounding larger than ever before.

And the story behind the band, its sound, and the music continues to be ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY—considering the members of LoadStoneD live in four different states, two of which are on opposite coasts. No, we’re not a group of twenty-somethings living on beer and pizza, hoping the van makes it to the next gig. We’re an English teacher from Wyoming, a graphic designer from Oregon, a doctor from New Jersey, and a School of Rock music director from Colorado who are talented and dedicated enough to make great music in amazingly little amounts of time and without the advantage of playing together regularly. When the band descended on Denver in the summer of 2014 to cut its three latest singles—“Crushin’,” “I Can’t Lie to You,” and “If You Want Me To”—they had only eight hours to learn, rehearse, and rewrite the tunes that weren’t yet whole. Four days in the studio and a couple of days mixing and mastering began the next day, and the end product is what it is—impressive. While LSD loves to rock hard, the band’s latest tunes illustrate the spectrum of LoadStoneD’s musical stylings, rooted in Shoults’s love of late eighties/early nineties rock (Guns ‘n’ Roses, Aerosmith, Metallica, Motley Crue, etc.) and his distaste for nineties grunge music that caused him to listen to new country until grunge fizzled, making room for alternative rock and modern rock through groups like Falling in Reverse, Three Days Grace, and Sixx A.M. It’s a foundation that the rest of the group’s styles and influences shape into something uniquely LoadStoneD—and definitely something greater than the sum of its parts.

But the million-dollar question remains: Do they have the talent and the chops to do the music live? Bet your ass they do. That’s where the fans come in. Do a little math on just the plane tickets, and it’s obvious you won’t see LSD playing on Denver’s 16th Street Mall with a hat out for tips. BUY THE MUSIC (the latest singles certainly won’t disappoint), LIKE and SHARE us with your friends on social media, and encourage others to buy the music, like us, and share us, too. Help us out via Kickstarter, and vote for LoadStoneD frequently and regularly on Artist Signal. As Hunter S. Thompson put it, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” Do it enough and you just might see us on a marquee in your neck of the woods.

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