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In 2014, four semi-grown ups with unfinished dreams decided to start playing music together. They were able to attract a ridiculously talented bass player to complete their fab 5--and have been available for gigs since September 2015.

If you're looking for booty-shakin', groove-makin' music for your venue, party, or event, you can call Maroon 5. . . Or you could save a million bucks and call Lo-5.

Heather Davis (Lead Vocals): Heather came out of the womb making noise that turned into song. A big voice with an equal personality, Heather's vocals are reminiscent of powerhouses the likes of Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar. Heather's early background was a long stint training in classical voice as a mezzo soprano, but she longed to sing the crap she would sing in the shower. Heather's hometown is Palmer, Alaska, and she currently resides in the Seattle area- you can find her in a handful of musical projects in the area- including the classic rock band HD1080p with drummer Patrick.
*FUN FACT: Heather D can sing phonetically in 5 languages: Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, and ENGLISH.

Eric Sherman (Guitar, backup vox): Raised in Hawaii and Seattle, Eric started rocking the guitar at 14. His first band, The Connections, covered classic rock songs. Throughout college in Arizona he played in several rock bands, attended the Guitar Institute in Los Angeles, and then followed up playing in various original bands in the 1990s and early 2000s upon his return to Seattle. Influenced by guitar gods like Hendrix, Page, Clapton, and Van Halen, he balances the musical scales with blues, funk, soul, and some occasional disco.

*FUN FACT: Defender, Donkey Kong, and Galaga were his favorite arcade games growing up. Breakfast for dinner has always been his favorite meal- even as a kid. Eric is a Gemini, who likes long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

Heather Miller (Guitar, backup vox): Heather started playing guitar as a teenager in Kenosha, Wisconsin (home of the Pacer AND Gremlin, but she preferred her '70 Camaro AND the two '68 Firebirds that came after that- sorry AMC). She started playing guitar at 14, forming her first band TALION around that time. Inspired by a wide variety of influences, from the Sound of Music to the Spinners, from Queensryche to Megadeth, from Elmore James to the Gorillaz, Heather was in various cover and original bands in San Luis Obispo, California, before taking a hiatus to attend grad school and have kids. Heather picked the guitar back up after moving to Seattle in 2005 and has been happily playing ever since. When not traveling for work, Heather fantasizes about traveling for fun. Her dream is to one day go "on tour" for real- even if it's just to Walla Walla or Wenatchee. A Virgo with a penchant for jalapeño margaritas, Heather's power animal is the skunk. Dave Mustaine once told her she didn't need a dick to play guitar; King Diamond's words of advice to her were, "Never geeve up, never geeve up!"

Kevin Hurley (Bass, harmonica): Kevin was bitten by the music bug early in his life, receiving his first guitar for Christmas when he was 13. He followed his love of music from Oklahoma to Florida, honing his craft extensively in both regions--finally settling in the Seattle area. Kevin continues to write, record, and gig in various projects.

Patrick O'Connor (drums): A self proclaimed pop-culture connoisseur, Patrick began playing drums as an adult--and is completely self taught. Vibrating with raw talent, he's the steady and powerful beat under the group's groove. Patrick lives in the Seattle area and also plays in a classic rock band with Vocalist Heather Davis.
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