Lizzy Martinez

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Lizzy Martinez is an American​ teenager known for having been told to cover her nipples at her school as she wore a large shirt without a bra. [1][2]


Photo of Lizzy Martinez.

Personal Life

Martinez was born and raised in the state of Florida​ where she has lived for most of her life. She grew up in the town of Bradenton​ where she lives with her mother, Kari Knop. [3][4]


High School 

Martinez is currently a senior at Braden River High School. [5]​ 


Photo of Lizzy Martinez wearing looking at herself in the mirror holding the shirt she wore at school during the time when the administration asked her to cover her nipples.

In The Media

Hide The Nipple

On Monday, April 2nd, 2018, Martinez was summoned to the office of school dean Violeta Velazquez and told that her lack of bra was “distracting” to other students. She was told to cover her nipples and eventually had the school nurse cover her nipples with bandaids. [6]


Martinez felt that it was a big deal that she wasn't wearing a bra as she doesn't wear one on most days. She went to the bathroom and cried. After feeling like she was unheard and understood, she left early from school. [7]


Her mother, Kari Knop, would eventually receive a call about the situation with the nipples concerning her daughter. Knop met school administrators and expressed to them that they had no right in telling her daughter to cover her nipples with a bandaid. [8]

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