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If Sade was to take over Mariah Carey's body and sing to tracks written by Steely Dan, the combination might hit somewhere close to Lindsey Webster's sound. Until that happens, though, there will just be Lindsey. Woodstock, NY, Lindsey's native town, might also have had something to do with this 25-year-old powerhouse vocalist's lyrics, style, and down-to-earth-ness.

"We were playing at a club in NYC over the summer and Sting was in the audience. On my second song of the set, he got out of his seat to come shake my hand, say 'wow' and thank me for my talent. I was unfortunately in the middle of singing God Bless the Child so I couldn't even really say thank you."

So what does it take for a young singer to catch the eye of a seasoned Vet in the industry such as Sting?

“Lindsey has got a world-class singing ability and really knows how to win the audience’s heart” says Jay Collins (Dukes of September, Donald Fagen).

Anyone who has heard Lindsey knows it is a no-brainier...the girl can not only sing, she can saaaaang. But being backed by a band just as amazing is important and also a part of her sound. The drums are gritty, funky, engaging, and real. The chord structure behind her melodies give the songs the depth that a lot of music today is lacking. It's more than the song, it's the music.

Lindsey Webster's latest recordings, encompassing the album You Change will be available come April 2014. You can check out her first release, self-titled Lindsey Webster, on any music engine on the internet. There will be an East Coast Spring tour to support the release of "You Change" and dates will be announced soon at www.LindseyWebsterMusic.com. [+]
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