Lindbergh is a Swedish surname which might refer to:




  • Lindbergh (crater), lunar crater named after Charles Lindbergh
  • Lindbergh (moonlet), natural satellite of Saturn named after Charles Lindbergh


  • Lindbergh's Grass Mouse, rodent species from South America
  • Lindbergh kidnapping, abduction and murder of the son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh.
  • "Lindbergh Law", a nickname for the Federal Kidnapping Act adopted in response to the Lindbergh kidnapping
  • Lindbergh (book), 1999 Pulitzer Prize winning biography by A. Scott Berg
  • Sega Lindbergh, an arcade system board developed by Sega
  • Lindbergh (album), album of the Italian singer Ivano Fossati
  • Lindbergh (manga), a Japanese manga series by Ahndongshik