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Lily Tang Williams (born on July 30, 1964) is an entrepreneur​, public speakergrassroots​ liberty activist​, and freedom fighter​.


She is the first Chinese immigrant to run for U.S. Senate​ in Colorado​ as a Libertarian​.


Early Life & Education

Lily Tang Williams was born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, right before the Cultural Revolution​. She spent her adolescence in China and, to this day, considers her high school math teacher to be her personal hero.[6]


After high school, she attended Fudan University​ in 1985 and graduated with a Bachelor's​ degree in Law​.[8]


In 1988, with an urge to leave China for personal freedom, she moved to the United States​ with $100 in her pocket.[7]​ She attended graduate school​ at the University of Texas at Austin​, earning her Master of Social Work​ degree.[6]



Her professional experience includes practicing law in China and working as a law professor at Fudan University for several years.[8]



Youtube Video
Lily Tang Williams' video running for U.S. Senate (October 16, 2016)

After becoming a U.S. citizen, Williams got involved in politics. She ran as and sought election to the U.S. Senate from Colorado. She ran as a Libertarian candidate in 2014 and 2016 for District 44 of the Colorado House of Representatives​.[1]


Her campaigns were run on:[8]

  • Limiting the federal government's role to solely protect liberty rights, property rights, and national security.[22]
  • Liberating individuals' right to liberty​, doing whatever they please as long as it does not infringe upon the equal rights of others.[23]
  • Limiting government spending, reducing the budget, and cutting taxes.[26]
  • Enhancing economic freedom and free enterprise, centralizing the federal government's role to protecting property rights​,[30]​ and
  • Supporting the Second Amendment, upholding the citizen's right to keep and bear arms.[34]


In 2014, she received 6.4% percent of the popular vote, and in 2016 she received 3.5%; she finished in third place both times.[8]


Personal Life

Lily Williams with her husband and three kids

Lily Tang Williams currently resides in Parker, Colorado​ with her husband and three children.[6]


Williams' favorite movies are Gone With the Wind and Braveheart​ and her favorite TV shows include Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad.[6]​ She also enjoys listening to Classical music​.[6]

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