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I was born January 21, 1985 in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up we moved around a lot; from all over Tennessee to Georgia to Mississippi. When I was 13 my family finally settled down in Salt Lake City, Utah. By the age of 14 I was writing my own tracks. My family would find some of my writing, take it way too seriously and my words started getting me into trouble. One of the first tracks I wrote landed me in a juvenile detention center, after my parents found it. When I got out my parents decided they could not handle me nor did they trust me, because of the lyrics I wrote, so they shipped me back to my biological father in Memphis. I continued to do me and what I wanted to do, as my passion was still my music. As the years started to pass I started to get into some trouble and landed myself in 201 Poplar jail for the first time. My family thought jail would be a wake-up call for me but when I came out my life got worse. I started running the streets a lot more and ended up homeless for the first time at 18. I could only take so much of being homeless and in and out of jail, so I went back to Salt Lake City. As soon as I got there I started off right where I had been when I left Tennessee. My life was a revolving door of jail, partying, and not worrying about anything. At one point in my life I was so consumed with partying I didn’t write any music. I continued to freestyle, just didn’t sit down to write any tracks. When I was 23 I woke up to find my sister had died in her sleep. Her death was the catalyst that made me dedicate my life to my music. Her dying was my rock bottom so I moved out of Utah and went to Colorado to live with some of my family so I could straighten my life out and stay out of trouble. It was there, on a front porch, that I really started working on my music career. I stayed sober and out of jail for longer than I ever had in my life.. It was my way of releasing all my anger and emotions. At 26 I moved to Ohio, with my girlfriend, where we were blessed with a daughter and I continue to spend most days working on my music. It was here I hooked up with My Pixo Entertainment and released by demo CD, ‘Self Made.’ I also joined a battle league and have a current record of 15 wins to 4 losses. Since my demo was released I have done nothing but work very hard to make a name for myself in the music industry. I’m not trying to get rich or famous with this, I just enjoy spilling my emotions onto paper. I will do whatever I have to, to make it in the underground, while having fun doing it. I have worked my whole life, especially the last six years, and have finally got my chances in the last two years to play some small shows. But i want more. I have a raw uncut type of music that is unlike others. Every track that i write and lay i guarantee that most people who hear it can relate to them in some way.. [+]
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