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i am a solo artist, i play all original songs, i write from my early life exp. growing up in state run facilities from age three until fifteen, these homes were bad news, abusive and led me to disconnect and resent the world filled with hate, anger and so many other negative emotions that are really not healthy, and one day met a new counselor who happened to be also a music teacher as a second job. she noticed i had a strong interest in music and some natural talent so she had decided to nurture this talent which developed into passion, at the same time got me to let down my guard, open up and for the first bond with someone else, with music she brought me back to stable mind and for the duration of my time in those homes i was able to use music as a shield, and as a release so in fact music is the whole reason i made it out of those home sane, which brings me to the reason i want to make it in music, i hope to one day fund music programs in those very same home i grew up in so that the thousand's and thousand's of children who now walk in my shoes will get the same opportunity as i did, though some may connect w/ sports like i did with music and all we had was a flat basketball w/dead patch of grass so i also hope to build rec centers for those kids as well this is my goal, my driving force behind the music besides my love for music all this is what keeps me patient, motivated and optimistic..... i just need to start performing more, having trouble getting gigs as a solo performer, if i could i would be performing every night right now i get average one gig a month and that does not cut it, i need so many more!!! [+]
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