Lefties is a three-part 2006 BBC documentary series investigating a few aspects of the extreme Left of British politics in the 1970s. Lefties was produced and directed by Vanessa Engle. Lefties was produced as a companion series to Tory! Tory! Tory! an overview of the New Right and Thatcherism. It was commissioned by Janice Hadlow as part of her tenure at BBC Four under the belief that 'serious television' was vital in driving ideas.


The series consisted of three episodes.

Episode NameFirst BroadcastDescription
Property is Theft8 February 2006The non-conformist squatters living in South London in the 1970s.
Angry Wimmin15 February 2006The storey of a form of radical feminism in the 1970s.
A Lot of Balls22 February 2006The formation of the News on Sunday, a left-wing tabloid newspaper formed in 1987.