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The Lax index is a symbol of spiritual wellnes [2] ​.  The german satirist, Horst Picu ​ created and aggregate this idea (LAX) in 2008 as contribution to the Occupy movement. Lax is the abbreviation from " Luftaktien -Index".  Lax is also an adjective - and the translation of the word  "easy" in the german language.​

Last but not least LAX is a financial indices with a positive social impact.

Lax, a story about high flying. A bird of prey is occupying Wall St ​.

"Please don't cross my wires with Los Angeles International Airport ​ (LAX)!" says Horst S.Q. the main character in " Update for Horst4.0"

1. Lax & I.Q./S.Q. Satire

Horst S.Q., the main character in the book "Update for Horst4.0" is working a wonder (an economic miracle).

During a meditation S.Q. found out haw to make money with copy&paste. Fiat money out of thin air! Horst has the highest I.Q.  ( insane quotient - german S.Q.= Schwachsinnquotient )

S.Q. is not a banker, but he sells air* shares on the stock market. All gains out of thin air ...airdropped poor children. That's why Horst has a good karma in real life. He has received a big amount of EOS karma. He continues airdropping all the gains.

2. Lax index evolution

Lax index today [3]

LAX is designed to evolve and can't loose he's value because "Money must serve not rule" [4]

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