"Lavanda" (Russian: Лава́нда - lavender) is one of the major hits of Sofia Rotaru, a popular song for duet performance of 1985.

The lyrics were written by Mikhail Shabrov and the music was composed by Vladimir Matetsky. This song became the debut of collaboration of Rotaru and with the new author and composer. Rotaru was awarded platinum disc for selling more than million of copies of the song and the same named album.

Canadian Leonard Cohen released a similar tune in December 1984, "Dance Me to the End of Love".

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Free Translation
In our live everything happens,
Even under the sun ice doesn't melt,
And with warmth the winter greets -
Rain takes place in December.

Whether loving or not - don't know it,
We at times play in love.
And when losing it,
"Not a fate", - we say

Lavender, mountainous lavender -
Of our meeting with you, those are the blue flowers
Lavender, mountainous lavender...
How a large number of years have passed, but we remember, you and I

Summer us the warmth was giving,
Larus over the water was floating,
Only for us the moon was shining,
To us alone on the Earth.

But where has it gone all this?
There was not, and is no answer.
And now as the two planets,
We are apart with you