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Zero DB is an end-to-end encrypted database. Data can be stored and queried on untrusted database servers without ever exposing the encryption key. Clients can execute remote queries against the encrypted data without downloading all of it or suffering an excessive performance hit. [4]

ZeroDB provides a data protection and encryption layer that allows enterprises to securely move storage and computation to the cloud. Cloud providers receive only encrypted data, while encryption keys always stay on-premise and can be instantly rotated at-will, greatly reducing the risk of a data breach and providing companies access to the scalability and elasticity of the cloud. ZeroDB is starting with industries that deal with large amounts of sensitive data, like finance and healthcare, which are prone to the growing threat of cyber attacks. [5]

Housing data can be extremely expensive – JP Morgan spent more than $500 Million to build its data center. Converting to cloud infrastructure would provide enterprises with5x the computational power for the same cost. [5]

ZeroDB is running in lab environments with several of the largest banks in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. Currently, ZeroDB works with Hadoop and will soon will expand to other parts of the big data ecosystem, like Spark and Impala, as well as structured databases, like Oracle, DB2, and MySQL. [5]

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