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Zdeněk Izer (* 7 September 1966 in Prague) is a Czech actor, entertainer and moderator. His domain is a parody of well-known television shows. [2]


In his youth he was not admitted to the Secondary Graphic School and was trained by a mechanic. In the beginning of his career, the entertainer was famous for his series of audio recordings at the Police Academy 93 and the Reluctant Gang - Mañas in the factory with the continuation of Mañas and the Revolution 95 '. His television beginnings are mainly connected with the Czech Television, where he was a frequent guest on the Chance program. In this show, between 1994 and 2000, along with Mark Dobrodinský, he made a number of scenes. Their domain has become a parody of TV shows Receptur, So do not hesitate and turn !, TV Nova shows 7 or 7 days, Call the director, TV newspaper or Tabu and from TV Primi parody programs like Nobody is perfect, Mňam or Carusoša. Musical parody was also frequent, when Izer changed to a stage in Czech or foreign singers of popular music. After success in the Chance program, the pair of Izer - Dobrodinský got their own program with the hidden camera Na palme !. After graduating from Dobrodinski he moved to TV Prima, where he has performed a series of entertainment programs "Jen blbni", "Kinobazar", "Pípšoubazar", "Telebazar" since 2003 and also with his new partner Petr Freund. From 2012, he got his show called "Burtkajk" on the new TV Five. However, television has ceased to air for less than half a year. In the years 2008 - 2014, he appeared several times in New Year's Eve New Year's Eve program at New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve, where he performed as a narrator of jokes of all kinds. He appears as a guest of several TV shows, such as Miracles of Nature or Jokes for a hundred. He also acted in advertising.

Nowadays, the Czech Republic performs with "Zdeněk Izer and Autocolektiv" and "Zdeněk Izer on full coole" with their programs. Previously performed in a couple with Šárka Vaňková, since 2017 he performs solo.

Since August 15, 2003, he has been married for the second time, with Olga's daughter Lara (* February 15, 2004). From his second marriage father he has a sister (* 1989). His hobbies include Sony PlayStation fishing and video games. Breeds dogs, predominantly Scottish terriers in wheat and black color.

Ve dne zataženo, v noci roztaženo aneb co týden dal 1, 2 (obě 1992) a 3 (1993)
Policejní akademie 1, 2 a 3 (1993)
Hospoda u Nemravy 1, 2 a 3 (1993)
Velmi nemravné vtipy (1994) (není od Izera, ale celé to namluvil)
Bezva parta aneb Maňas ve fabrice (1995)
Bezva parta 2 aneb Maňas a revoluce (1995)
7 dní, čili tejden (1997)
Humory z Lán (1997)
Městská policejní akademie (1998)
Posloucháte studio Izerka (1999)
Maňas fór ministr aneb Městská policejní akademie 2 (2000)
Divoké policejní sny aneb Poslední policejní akademie (2002)
Nemocnice na kraji vesnice 1 (2003)
Nemocnice na kraji vesnice 2 (2005)
Zavolej mi do ředitelny (2006)
Nechtěná mise na Mars (2008)
Buřtcajk (2012)

Izerská padesátka (2002-2004)
Týdeník TelevIZER (2004-2005)
muzikál Angelika - Geno (2007 - 2010)
Po plastice pípl
muzikál Baron Prášil - Nomen

Česká policejní akademie 1 (1993)
Hitparáda humoristů 1 a 2 (1993)
Myslivecká Videohitparáda 1 (1993)
Zdeněk Izer Show 1 a 2 (1993)
Kanál Izer I (1994)
Menší krize v televize !? (2001)
Kdo jinému jámu jámu, sám do ní sám (2004)

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