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You Won't get What Want (2018) is the fourth studio album by American Noise rock band Daughters. [1] [2] [3] The album presents some of the band's most innovative songs after an indefinite hiatus that lasted 8 years. [4] [5]

Photo of the members of Daughters from their press release with Rolling Stone.


After deciding to take an indefinite hiatus after their 2010 self-titled release, Robotic Empire founder, Andy Low, tricked band members Nicolas Sadler and Alexis S.F. Marshall into meeting for dinner three years later. [6] The two looked at each other and instantaneously both agreed to make an album together.The rest of the band members would also come together and play their first two shows at their hometown of Providence, Rhode Island in 2013. [7]

In 2017, they accompanied The Dillinger Escape Plan during the influential group’s final live shows in 2017.Throughout that period, the band recorded, but life continued to“happen.”Jon split his time between a gig as a professional tour manager and Daughters, while Sam got married, settled in Cranston, and assumed the role of Brewmaster for a beer company. [8] In addition to fronting Fucking Invincible, Alexis collaborated with Paul Barker of Ministry that coincided with the industrial legends’ documentaryThe Fix: The Ministry Movie, and he became a dad(twice). Meanwhile, Nick played in Fang Island, Mythless, Way Out, and a worship band for a local church(it’s a long story)—in addition to crafting music for Vans, Converse, Alien Workshop, Oxbow Beer, and various short films and trailers. Along the way, Nick would be diagnosed with Lyme Disease. [9]

Youtube Video
Daughters - The Making Of You Won’t Get What You Want


After dozens of demos that the members shared between one another, the went through a Dropbox full of 150 ideas. The musicians recorded the ten comprising You Won’t Get What You Wantshortly after several meetings and rehearsals. The minimal wail of first single “Satan In The Wait” belies Alexis’s intense spoken word-style delivery as gothic keys magnetically draw the spotlight. [10]


The album has garnered generally positive reviews. Consequence of Sound gave the album an A- while The Needle Drop gave it a 10/10. [11] [12] Many other blogs and small publications herald the album as a tremendous horror story, with it haunting lyrics and gothic atmosphere. [13] [14]

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Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want ALBUM REVIEW by The Needle Drop.


No. Title Length
1. "City Song" 5:55
2. "Long Road, No Turns" 5:04
3. "Satan in the Wait" 7:06
4. "The Flammable Man" 2:09
5. "The Lords Song" 2:45
6. "Less Sex" 4:47
7. "Daughter" 4:55
8. "The Reason They Hate Me" 3:55
9. "Ocean Song" 7:28
10. "Guest House" 4:29
Total length: 48:40



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