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YoloSwap is a decentralized token exchange on the EOS network. [1]


YoloSwap was launched in 2019 by a small team operating out of Israel and Singapore. Yoloswap offers instant token swapping based on the battle-tested Kyber Network Protocol. They provide optimal token pricing through supply and demand calculations and actually searching through data on other exchanges. By using a liquidity network instead of a propietary token Yoloswap promotes use and demand of EOS. Whlie there is somewhat of a debate about what constitutes a decentralized exchange, Yoloswap consider themselves to be decentralized. Hernan Arber , Head of Growth at YoloSwap (and founder of EOS Isreal), explained his definition of a decentralized exchange: [2]

My interpretation of a DEX is an Exchange that doesn’t control my funds (not all DEXes work like this), that cannot manipulate price for any asset by an external force other than the code running the exchange, and that although developed and maintained by a team, that same team has no control over the specific trades that occur in the platform.

As of May 2019 YoloSwap only allows trading between EOS and other tokens, but they are working on allowing token swaps between all tokens. YoloSwap will be the first project to integrate a bi-directional EOS to Ethereum bridge based on the fully decentralized Waterloo protocol. They are also building a seamless wallet experience, meaning that YoloSwap will be accessible from any prominent EOS exchange and trading will be instantaneous and free. They also hope to generate passive income for EOS holders by putting them into YoloSwap as a liquidity reserve and profiting when that reserve gets used. Some features to expect in the near future include: [3] [6]

  • Dapp and Wallet Integrations
  • Ethereum – EOS cross-chain support
  • Potential support of EOS Sister-chains

While YoloSwap doesn't have any plans to make a YOLO token, they have not ruled it out as a possibility in the future.


YoloSwap only hosts high quality projects on their exchange. Some of the tokens that have been with them since the beginning include:

KNC Bug Bounty

YoloSwap is offering to pay hackers in KNC tokens to find bugs in their code. They offer: [4]

  • Note: Up to $25 in KNC
  • Low: Up to $300 in KNC
  • Medium: Up to $1,000 in KNC
  • High: Up to $3,000 in KNC
  • Critical: Up to $10,000 in KNC.

However, they are willing to distribute larger amounts for particularly high quality submissions. A high quality submission consists of an explanation of how the bug can be reproduced, a failing test case, and fix that makes the test case pass.

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