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Yannick van den Bos (born June 24, 1991) is a Dutch Internet entrepreneur, business coach, social media consultant, speaker, and globetrotter. [1] ​ Through what he credits as perseverance and self-education, Yannick went from struggling to gain a foot in online business to running ad campaigns for multinational corporations. [13] ​ Today, Yannick works as an independent consultant, and advises people on how to achieve profitable outcomes. [1] ​ His story of not only his success but of him helping his mother eradicate her debt has been highlighted in HuffPost ​. [6]


Early Life and Interest in Entrepreneurship

Yannick was born and raised in The Hague ​. [13] His mother is from Cameroon ​ while his father is Dutch. [✔] ​In April of 2016 when he was 16-years-old, his mother forced him to go to a business presentation about Multi-level marketing ​. The conference proved to be a defining and life-altering moment for Yannick and invested his "piggy bank" money to make his foray into entrepreneurship. During the Great Recession ​, his father lost his job while his mother was barely holding on to two while trying to pay off a number of loans. Seeing his family struggle did not sit well with Yannick, and he became determined to help them.

Formal Education

Yannick's initial results from MLM was not what he expected, especially with the amount of time and effort he put into it. Although his results were meager, he looked back at his time as a learning experience and started doing little things to avoid the same failure. He began to study successful business leaders and apply their strategies to himself. Formally, Yannick attended Inholland University of Applied Sciences ​ and was a member of the Public Relations Committee. He graduated in 2013 and earned his degree in Commercial Economics/Marketing Management. Also, Yannick spent a period of time in 2011 studying in Shanghai ​ at Shanghai Normal University where he attained a certificate for Doing Business in China ​.​ [14]

Self-Education and Landmark Success

Yannick being interviewed by Kevin Harrington

Yannick considers self-education more valuable and meaningful, so he immersed himself into learning everything ranging from marketing strategies to the Law of attraction ​. He also searched for more methods to make money online and would buy online guides to assist him. Yannick made efforts in affiliate marketing programs such as ClickBank ​ and other online business gigs. A pivotal moment in Yannick's career was discovering internet marketing for Web 2.0. He started off organizing campaigns for local businesses and musical acts and worked his way up to bigger clientele. Yannick's marketing expertise was requested by the multinational corporation, Hamilton Bright (who has a presence in Netherlands, South Africa, and Belgium) and later by the navigation company Tom Tom GO ​. The ad campaigns he ran for them saw positive results, and Yannick established himself as a premiere digital marketer. [14]

Press Coverage and Personal Life

Yannick has gained considerable press for his accomplishments. He was interviewed by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank ​ as well as being featured in HuffPost ​ and the Trade Magazine Incomes Abroad. [13] [6] [1] ​ In addition, Yannick has contributed to notable websites such as Elite Daily ​ and Addicted2Success ​. [10] [11] ​ He regularly speaks to home based business owners looking to successfully build there brands online. [8]

Yannick lives life as a digital nomad and has traveled all over the world, stepping foot in 52 cities in 18 countries. Upon graduating from school, he lived with a group of entrepreneurs in Phuket City ​ for six months and later moved to his current residence in Playa del Cármen, Mexico ​. Other cities he has lived in include Shanghai ​ and Johannesburg ​. [1]


While a student, Yannick was invited to be speaker at a charity pertaining to Nelson Mandela ​. His speech touched the organizers so much that he was invited to volunteer with the organization. [14] ​ Together, they helped raised money for the Nelson Mandela "Walk to Freedom" statue that was unveiled on September 25th, 2012 in The Hague. [21] ​ Both Desmond Tutu ​ and Ahmed Kathrada ​, prominent activists during the end of apartheid, were there for the occasion. [20] [18] ​ In 2017, Yannick is scouting locations in Benin ​ to build and maintain a school for the local population. [✔]


Yannick speaking at an event

Yannick used to buy information products but learned that the best way to master something is to find someone who is already experienced in it and ask for their advice. Invest in yourself and have clarity in your direction, education, and mentor, make them a system that works. [13] ​ Although he considered dropping out of college his senior year, one of Yannick's core values is to always finish what he starts, and he graduated in 2013.

Notable Quotes

"Formal Education makes you a living, self-education makes you a fortune." [13]

“No matter what my world looks like today, the world that I live in tomorrow will be the world that I create.” [8]

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