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Vlonekam1839 (Kamarion Fortney) Is an up and comming underground rapper representing YMG entertainment & the southeast rap game in the united states hailing from Dekalb County in the neighborhoods of Clarkston,Ga- Referred to  as the Slumz [2]


He Has a Dark Past with the struggles of Going through fater problems , deppression, and suicidal attemps. When he was 12 years old one of his older friends introduced him to marijuana and told him it would solve all of his problems. [5]


Kamarion uses productions that are atmospheric and psychedelic - fitting adequately to his experimental trap style of delivery. His lyrics appeal to the horrorcore and transgressive aesthetic with a hint of violent hedonistic imagery. [2]

Personal Life

Is a cool crazy motherfucker who smokes all day and is not scared to tell you how it is. When he gets in the studio all hell breaks lose he raps his pain and haves fun [2] .

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