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Wookery is a variation of Monopoly based on Wooks. [8]


Wookery first appeared as a post on Notixx's Facebook ​ page on January 31st, 2018. [8] ​ In 13 hours, the post received 10,700 shares, 1.6K reactions, and cross pollinated platforms. [8]

Wookery is a hand-made game and after overwhelming positive feedback, was sold in limited quantities. [9]


Basically the way the game works is you roll a dice to move around the board and pick up "heady cards" along the way which have funny things on em like "went to taco bell to grow weed but ended up working at taco bell instead, move back 5 spaces" and the goal is to pass start and collect "wonky cards" which are tongue twisters you have to say correctly and fast or you drink. On your way around the board you will encounter Pretty Lights, Bassnectar ​, GRiZ ​, Lotus, STS9 ​, The Disco Biscuits ​ and multiple other obstacles along the way! Grab a group of your local wooks and get a game going today!!! [7] [6] [5] [4] [3] [2] [1] [9]

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