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Wild Signals is an American Progressive Shoegaze band based in Los Angeles, California founded by Noël Brydebell and Nicole Ridgely, along with Josh Renkow on drums, and Ben Kaysaer on bass. [1] [2]

Gif of Wild Signals as shared on their Instagram account.


Formed in 2017 by Brydebell and Ridgely, Wild Signals' sound continues a tradition of "haunting" melodies heard in Shoegaze and 90s post-rock. [3] Members also include Josh Renkow on drums and Ben Kaysaer on Bass. [4] [5]


In early 2018, the band released their first song on SoundCloud titled: "Trust Me". [6]

Start At the End EP

On January 18th, 2019, the band released their debut EP, Start at the End. The EP was mastered by Dave Trumfio, and engineered by Celso Estrada. [7]

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