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WiFiGawd, AKA Upt Souljah is a rapper based out of Washington, DC. He is currently signed on DTLA Records. The name WiFiGawd is a reference to his early SoundCloud days in 2012, when he began using the platform to distrubute his music. His other name UptSouljah is an homage to Uptown DC, and the Souljah part connects to his rasta roots as a warrior of Jah.


Over the last few years, WiFiGawd has released over ten albums and has appeared on numerous others.

  • 2016 Fubu05
  • 2016 WiFi Season
  • 2017 Big Dawg
  • 2017 Big Dawg, Pt. 2
  • 2017 Uptsouljah 4.0
  • 2018 Souljah Music
  • 2018 Souljas Don't Die
  • 2018 Big Dawg Volume 3
  • 2018 Dirty Game
  • 2018 Soulja World
  • 2018 Heat Check

Personal Life

WiFiGawd's appreciation of music came at an early age. In an interview he claims his family had over 2,000 vinyl records and that his parents would take him to see live music at a young age.[1]

“I’ve been going to shows since I was five years old,” he said. “I just know they were letting a little-ass nigga in the club with his parents.”

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