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Tyler Ross , also known by his internet moniker, White Trash Tyler , is a Videographer ​ and Film director ​ known for his work with Kanye West ​, Kim Kardashian ​, Drake ​, and several others. [1] [2] ​ He directed and edited, "To Our Daughter", a short documentary of the ninth months during Kylie Jenner ​'s pregnancy. [3]

White Trash Tyler selfie.


Tyler was born and raised in the country of Canada ​. [4] [5] ​ He grew up in a household in which both his parents were school teacher. He grew up in the city of Dartmouth, Maritime province close to the Atlantic for most of his upbringing and up until the point he was in his early 20s. [6]

Since he was a teenager, he started shooting

White Trash Tyler with Caitlyn Jenner ​.

skate videos with his friends as a hobby. [7]


Tyler attended college where he graduated with a marketing degree. [8]


Tyler turned down an office job at a tobacco company choosing to work odd jobs instead. For some time, Tyler worked as a garbage in his home town of Dartmouth while he also experimented with making videos with his friends. [9]


Tyler started taking the art of videography seriously when he began helping his roommate shoot YouTube ​ videos. He and his friend, Cam Smith, went half on the expenses of camera and laptop to shoot better quality videos. [10]

Tyler self-taught himself how to shoot videos. [11]

Los Angeles

After a few years of collaborating in making videos, he decided to pursue his passion of making videos full-time. While getting started in Los Angeles, Tyler slept in hostels near Fairfax Avenue along with sleeping on friends’ couches from time to time. Tyler made connections and assisted anyone who

Kanye West ​ & Kim Kardashian with White Trash Tyler in the background.

needed help shooting or editing videos. [12] [13]

Kanye West

After befriending Gabe from an LA-based group called UZi by being on the sets of the music videos they were shooting, he started to collaborate with them. Gave was one of the friends' couches that he slept at. Ian Connor ​ advised Kanye West that he should start filming using a VHS Camcorder. Kanye decided to bring in Gabe, who asked Tyler for help. [14]

Tyler began blending the use of VHS and HD in his work. For more than a year, he documented Kanye West, along with his wife Kim Kardashian ​. Tyler would go on to direct the music video for the song, " Famous ", which would solidify his name as a videographer. [15] [16]


Since the beginning of the collaboration with Kanye, he has collaborated with other famous entertainers. He has worked with the following artists: FKA Twigs, Future, Kendrick Lamar ​, Chief Keef ​, Black Atlass, 21 Savage ​, and many others. [17]

Damn Tour

Some time in June, Travis Scott ​ DM'd Tyler and asked if he could clear his schedule so that he could document the tour. [18]

Kylie Jenner ​'s Pregnancy

Youtube Video
"To Our Daughter" video of Kylie Jenner ​'s pregnancy that White Trash Tyler shot and directed.

On February 4th, 2018, a short documentary called, "To Our Daughter", was released on YouTube ​. The documentary was directed and edited by White Trash Tyler. He documented Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott ​ throughout the 9 months of Jenner's pregnancy. [19] [20]

After few days of its release, the video received more than 45 Million views. [21]

Personal Life

Initially, Tyler wanted his moniker to be  Fubu God, which was taken, so he went with Fubu Ghost. Once he moved out to LA, he searched for a fresh moniker. [22] ​ During a modeling shoot for a Vlone popup in LA, the whole theme was was white skaters with long hair. He had never worn his hair down as it was always tucked under a hat. His friend Cam told him that he looked white trash and when a photographer took their photos and asked for the names to be put under, the response was "White Trash Tyler". [23]

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