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Wendy the Wild Wolf is a rhyming adventure story by author and illustrator, Jerome Emanuel . It follows a wild wolf named Wendy as she sets off on an adventure deep in the woods. [2]

The first in a series of Wendy the Wild Wolf stories was first released and published in the fall of 2017. [2]

The Wendy the Wild Wolf Fun Paradox Theory

WARNING this section may contain spoilers!

1. IF Wendy did not find the book, would the story book still have existed?

2. IF the book in the story did not exist would the book that tells the story still be the same?

3. AS Wendy IS in the book, if Wendy destroyed the book, would Wendy still be in the book?

4. IF the book and note were not left for Wendy to find, would the end of the story still have existed?

5. IF the book got destroyed, would Wendy still have a story for the girls and boys?

6. AT THE END of the story it reads: 'remember this book must not be destroyed!' but if the book were destroyed, would that mean that there would be no story to begin with?

According to Wizzkid, the author of the story uses the following paradoxical theories: Bertrand Russell's Barber Paradox; The Bootstrap; and Causal Loop Paradoxes. [7]

Wendy the Wild Wolf Reception

Following the release of the first book in its series, Wendy the Wild Wolf: This Book Must Not Be Destroyed! received reviews ranging from 4 and 5 stars on the reader review sites: GoodReads.com, Toppsta and Wordery. [9]

Wendy the Wild Wolf 2

The second in the series of Wendy the Wild Wolf adventures is due for international release in the fall of 2018. The title of which is yet to be confirmed. [7]

Environmentally Friendly Message

The book makes notable references to keeping the environment clean and tidy. As part of the book giveaways, promotional stickers given to its audience read: "Wendy Says: Keep It Tidy" and "Wendy Says: Let's Recycle". According to 'The Good Stuff of Stuff' the positive environmentally friendly message is given in the rear pages of the book where there is a game and message relating to keeping all green spaces clean and tidy. [11]

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