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Decentralised trading of ERC20 Tokens and ERC20 Token Baskets


WandX [2] is a decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain which enables users to create, trade, and settle any financial instrument on crypto-assets. Using the Wand Token, users can invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) [3], buy cryptocurrency futures, and trade in liquid assets through a portfolio of assets. [1] [9]


- Trading in Portfolio of currencies. The product allows users to create and trade in a basket of currencies with a single transaction, hence increasing liquidity of many altcoins and helping users diversify their investment. - Investing in derivatives on cryptocurrencies Using Wand tokens, users can create, trade, and settle derivatives contracts on the WandX [3] framework on Ethereum. - Creating markets for tokenized assets Using the WandX interface [5], users can tokenize and trade real world assets such as energy and plastic hence increasing the liquidity of these otherwise illiquid real world assets. [1]

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