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Virtuleap[1] is a Lisbon-based software company that is building a computing platform and API to track and analyze biometrics of users in immersive VR, AR, and 3D experiences. The breakthrough in user insights is made possible by leveraging modern neuroscience research and machine learning, which thanks to the new data points captured by VR and AR devices, can reveal an individual's mental, emotional, and physical state by tracking the subliminal and unconscious body language of a user. The API can tell you whether a user is engaged, angry, nervous, or bored out of their minds and has widespread applications that stretch beyond consumer research, including the study and potential treatment of learning & development challenges such as dyslexia and ADHD.


Virtuleap[1] enables the body to speak in XR using behavioral neuroscience research and machine learning. The company has created a series of biometric algorithms that translate micro gestures and subliminal body language (disambiguation) into rasterized patterns, psychographics, allowing clients to understand the emotional state of their users in the context of immersive technology. The mathematical models only need to collect the positional sensory data of a VR and AR device and do not require other biometric tracking, such EEG or eye tracking, although these technologies are applied in validation studies conducted internally.


Virtuleap[1] is currently developing an VR edutainment application called the Attention Lab[+] that showcases our neurotech by featuring gamified experiments that teach players how their brains work. The game is part of a larger structural system that provides valuable research and development for Virtuleap's Saas platform and API.

Attention Lab[+]

Virtuleap’s Attention Lab is an Oculus Go "edutainment" app that features sleek, fun and addictive games and challenges that track user interaction and cognition. The concept is a mix of popular VR apps like Valve’s The Lab and Job Simulator, and non-VR games like Luminosity and Cognifit focused on Cognition and User Attention. It features a series of gamified experiments powered by neuroscience research and machine learning that translates subliminal body language into mental and emotional states of being. After each experience, you get a psychological report on how your brain works and how you respond in different situations. While players get to enjoy challenging their cognitive abilities, such as memory and concentration, the real benefit of the Attention Lab[+] is access to an unprecedented depth of self-knowledge and psychographics that is enabled thanks to the new data points captured by spatial computing devices.

Virtuleap[1] is a Boost VC Tribe 11 company and a member of the CMS equIP startup program.

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