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Vincent Champain is a business executive and a French Economist. [1]


Vincent Champain went to school at École Polytechnique where he earned his Master of Engineering in fundamental and applied science with a major in computer science. He then graduated from ENSAE ParisTech with a Master of Science in data science, statistics and economics. He later attended Paris Dauphine University and earned a DEA in marketing. [1]

He is versed in many programming languages including AngularJS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python 3, and SQL.

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After finishing school, Vincent worked for a few years at the Ministry of Finance in various positions. He was in charge of innovation and industrial policies at the French Treasury, as well as employment and training budgets at the French Budget Department. Afterwards, Champain spent two years as financial advisor to Élisabeth Guigou, the health and employment minister.

Vincent then worked at France's main electric utility company, Électricité de France, where he was a partnerships director and helmed a 300 person team. In 2005 he was appointed deputy general manager of the city of Lille where he lead financial, legal, employement, and economic development among other things. In 2007, he was appointed Chief of Staff to Éric Besson, Secretary of State for Foresight, Evaluation of Public Policy and Development of the Digital Economy. He was behind the Public Policies Evaluation Service (MEPP), the design and launch of strategic audit "France 2025" alongside Jacques Delors, and the design of "France Numérique 2012."

He was then recruited by McKinsey & Company where he advised the Tunisian Minister of Employment and co-authored several McKinsey Global Institute studies. His next job was at GE France as director of operations, becoming a member of the GE France board of directors and president of the French-American Chamber of Commerce policy commitee. After three years at GE France, Vincent joined GE Digital Europe as CEO and setup the "Digital Foundry", GE's European Digital Development Center. He's also co-chaired prominent think tank Long Term Observatory for several years. [1] [2]


Books and Essays

  • "Changing the paradigm to suppress unemployment" written with Jacques Attali, 2005
  • "Securing career paths" with Élisabeth Guigou, 2005
  • "Man and the market", 2006
    "The Faces of Globalization" 2006
  • "The meaning of things", contribution to the collective work directed by Jacques Attali , 2009


  • "EU (Un) limited: what do companies in Europe need to grow faster?", GE European Policy Center
  • "French Employement 2020", McKinsey Global Institute
  • "Africa at Work", McKinsey Global Institute
  • "Growth and renewal in Europe", McKinsey Global Institute
  • "10 challenges for France", La Documentation française, 2008
  • "For Franco-German energy cooperation", Long Term Observatory, 2014
  • "Will French industry conquer the world?" Long Term Observatory, 2014
  • "Transition through innovation", report to the IPCC
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