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Viktor Đerek (referred to mononymously as Viksi, born March 8, 2000) is a Croatian photographer, best known for his work which was featured in an advertising campaign for the tourist organization and for his musical career, he gained as a child. His musical career began at age of 8, after having a chance to perform live at Marin Držić Theatre, covering songs by artists such as Lady Gaga and Adele. In 2008, he even signed up a contract with a record label based in Sweden.

Personal Life

He was born in Split, Croatia on March 8, 2000 to a Catholic family and the majority of childhood he grew up in Dubrovnik. He is known as an activist for the preservation of nature and as a travel guide for the Croatian islands. He has gained popularity among the youth generation.



Viktor wrote his first song at the age of 8 for his best friend. His talent was recognized by his elementary school teacher after getting involved in musical theater and quickly developing a love of music and performance. He came into limelight after winning the music show for teens called " Republika " in 2012. Later in 2014, he also performed Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" and Sia's " Chandelier" on HRT - Radio Dubrovnik. X5 Music Group released several cover songs including Adele's " Someone like You" and " Paparazzi".


Đerek's interest in photography began at the age of 9 when he first took a photography class. Afterwards, Đerek began taking photos independently and uploading them to the image hosting website Flickr, where a tourist organization saw his work and asked him to take photos for their company. His work was featured in an advertising campaign when he was 13 years old. [5]
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