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Maxime Verner (September 11, 1989) is currently a presidential candidate for the 2017 elections in France. He is also the editor of the publication, Forwards. [6]


He was born in Lyon and raised in Bron. At a very young age he became engaged in the voluntary sector which included Sports and culture, before his passionate for politics began to emanate. [9]


Maxime attended Lycée Condorcet where he received his BTS in Corporate communication. He then attended Paris 8 University where he got his license in Information and Communication. He spent one semester in Galatasaray University studying in the Political sciences department. [6]


Max with his crew. <span data-mce-style="color: #71b8e4;" style="color: #71b8e4;"><a class="tooltippableCarat" data-cited_by="ordazdon" data-citer_is_verified="1" data-citer_rank="Staff" data-mce-href="../../../../vernermax/36486955/" data-username="" href="../../../../vernermax/36486955/"><sup>[10]</sup></a></span> 
Max with his crew. [10]

He cultivated his passion for politics and in 2006, he initiated a proxy registration campaign on the electoral roll in his town of Bron. When he turned 18, he ran for the municipal and cantonal elections of Bron (40,000 souls), with a list of 39 citizens. He succeeded in imposing ideas and this collective success made him want to fight to establish eligibility at 18 years in all elections. [9]

For two years he succeeded in convincing a majority of the deputies and senators to introduce bills by all the political groups and to have them resumed in a government bill supported by the President of the Republic. The law establishing eligibility for 18 years was voted in the Assembly on 20 December 2010. [9]

He also created, with other young people, the Association des Jeunes de France, and has been the chairman since 2009. Its vocation is to accompany young people from all over the country by other young people. [9]

French Presidency

On December 22, 2010, he announced his candidacy for the presidential election in order to bring the voice of young people and 89 proposals for a new social contract between the generations. In a year and a half of campaigning all over France, he was able to collect 358 sponsorships of mayors in March 2012, an insufficient score to be candidate in the first round. [16]

He is making another run for France's presidency of 2017. [9]

Entrepreneurial Work

During his time of becoming an active member of his community serving several programs and creating a spark in different sectors, he started a consulting firm in which he is the president of. The consulting firm accompanies young entrepreneurs to hatch their projects and their strength to carry them out. So the firm helps with strategy, management, transformation, communication, public affairs, watch and foresight. Since the firm's launch, they are now known for shaking up strategic markets and clearing emerging markets such as: optics, participative finance, fashion, energy, transport, technologies. [6]

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