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Veritoken Global is a platform that provides tools for the adoption of non-fungible tokens. Their goal is to help you completely own your data via blockchain identity verification. [1]


Veritoken Global was founded by SEO expert Anne Ahola Ward in 2019. In a world where data security, privacy and ownership are becoming increasingly significant issues Veritoken Global provides individuals with tools to manage and license their own datastores via blockchain.

Veritoken Global was developed to provide more trust and transparency in the job market. For job candidates tokens give the individual confidentiality and control, allowing them to choose when their resumes and personal information are in the public domain and when they are hidden. Recruiters are exposed to a massive database and can pay cadidates directly for their contact information and time. [3]

How does it work?

The Veritoken protocol is inspired by Ethereum's ERC721 Standard (made famous by CryptoKitties) and Turing Complete forms of data provenance implemented on blockchains since 2011. By creating a wallet, a user can bind that address with their identity. That wallet can then become the repository for all data and data licenses. Some types of data can be freely accessed, like diploma data. While other types of data can be kept private, like credit score.

Veritoken is commercializing non-fungible tokens by setting a common standard with the goal of maintaining a Turing Complete, Proof-of-stake blockchain in which a custodial organization maintains a great deal of tokens for staking purposes in order to generate revenue.

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