Varun Sethi

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Varun Sethi is the Founder of Blockchain Lawyer.[1]


Varun is a Technology Lawyer from India and has been in the startup consulting space since past 7 years. Six of this clients have been awarded status of Forbes 30 Under 30 and three have been Y Combinator alumni. He has recently started a web series by the name of "Full Stack Conversations" to educate the youth about legal aspects of contemporary technologies like blockchain and more.[1]

He has also been an active speaker at various forums like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Dubai Blockchain Summit, Wire Summit, Blockchained India, Indian Institutes of Technology, Lawyer's Club of India to name a few and has been approached by the National Security Council Secretariat of the Government of India and Andhra Pradesh Chief Ministerial Cabinet, India to lend his technical experience in the field of blockchain and decentralised technologies in addition to his work with Cayman Island government to help Indian blockchains companies to grow to offshore locations.[1]

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