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The ULCO Seminary ( ULC Theological Seminary, online and offline) is a legitamite union of schools for religious studies and alumni groups which have been founded since the early 1960ies. It comprises all fee-based course studies of the original ULC Church in Modesto, California which end with some form of exam or test. According to a court decision of 1974 and other rulings the ULC Headquarters in Modesto is the only ULC Church whose seminary program leads to valid ecclesiastical educational and/or meritorious grades which are IAA accredited.

International Relations

Other international ULC split-offs are not covered by this privilege, except of the tuition free course studies in religious and biblical sciences offered by a Christian ULC congregation in Boston, Massachusets (Global Missionary Center Boston) under the leadership of Dean Father Rahim. [3]


Everipedia co-founder Mahbod Moghadam was 2018 granted the award “A Blessing for the World” by the Arnulf Seminary of Theology (Boston), an ULCO oriented theological school, for his outstanding efforts to ensure the freedom of speech.

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